The Price Dynamic Inc. offers “Dynamic Family Solutions” to aid parents in rebuilding and strengthening their relationships in an observed and safe environment. We believe in the inherent dignity of all parents therefore we maintain a high standard of confidentiality and respect for our clients. We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of parents who are working diligently to stabilize their family and be their  best self for their children.

Why Choose The Price Dynamic For Your Parenting Needs?

• Staff with similar life experiences as clients

• Trauma Informed/ Culturally Responsive & Responsible

• Flexible Hours (daytime, evening, weekends)

• Near Restaurants & Attractions for Community Visits

• Private Comfortable Rooms

• Staggered Arrival & Departure

• Two-Hour Visits *Supervised Visitation

• Gamification tools (Family Meeting Cards & More)

• TPD is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network

What Service Fits Your Family Dynamic? 

• One-on-one Coaching

• Online Education

• Supervised Visitation


Dynamic Coaching $80.00

75 minute One-on-One coaching focused on self exploration, empowerment and education. You will set dynamic goals and track your progress and  success! *sliding fee scale appointments available

Coaching Package $400.00

6 Dynamic Family Solutions Coaching Sessions, Family Meetings, and access to The Price Dynamic VIP online community.

Book A Coaching Session

Pick one of the packages or services and then Schedule & Pay for your coaching session.


Visitation Intake  $105.00


Prior to scheduling supervised visitation services of any kind an intake appointment must be conducted. This covers review of court order, interview with each party, and tour of the visiting space. The fee is non-refundable. 

Monitored Exchanges $40.00


No contact exchange when transferring the children from one parent to the other. All exchanges are supervised and performed by The Price Dynamic staff by appointment.

Monitored Visitation $80.00 (2-hour visit) 


Supervision Provider present throughout the visit, offering periodic check-ins,  and may provide parent coaching. Private space or Community Setting (optional). Staff document each visit.

Supervised Visitation $100.00 (2-hour visit) 


Qualified Supervision provider provides neutral parenting education and coaching interventions to enhance the parent/child relationship in a safe and private space. The Price Dynamic staff will coach parent and child to build skills leading toward re-newing, re-unification, or establishing a nurturing and healthy relationship.

Partial Payment


Are you splitting the cost of a service with someone else? Enter in your information and your portion of the payment.

Schedule An Intake Interview

Book a brief meeting with Alysha Price to discuss the services offered by The Price Dynamic.