Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds; all sales are final, and The Price Dynamic does not offer any money-back guarantees on services (intake/ assessment, supervised visitation, monitored exchange, coaching, or consulting). Our visitation, education and coaching services are supplemental to the work an individual will do to stabilize and evolve their own personal and family matters.

You recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund for any purchase under any circumstances as staff time is spent preparing and reviewing documents associated with your family case and corresponding with stakeholders such as but not limited to guardian ad litems, parent evaluators, mediators, therapist, attorneys, court clerks, and county case managers.  

You acknowledge that you were ordered to our services as part of a legal agreement; court order, parenting plan or agreement, mediation orders, etc. therefore paying for our services is you acting in compliance with what you have been order to or agreed to prior to accessing our services.

Limitation of Liability

You agree to absolve The Price Dynamic of any and all liability or loss that you or any person or entity associated with you may suffer or incur as a result of your family court or custody proceedings.

24-Hour Notice of Cancellation  

A 24-hour notice is required should you need to cancel an appointment that you have already paid for. Payments that are made by the due date (Monday of the week of your visit) will roll over to the next appointment. The Price Dynamic reserves the right to refuse the roll-over of payment if this is a repeated behavior.

No Call No Notice

If there is no call or notice to The Price Dynamic that you will miss your scheduled appointment (supervised visit, intake, or coaching session) for any reason, the payment is forfeited. This covers staffing and time to prepare for your appointment therefore no refund will be granted, and rescheduling will require payment for that service again.


There is no refund on the purchase of any products such as books, card decks, clothing, etc.; however, The Price Dynamic stands by its products and will exchange the item if it is damaged. All shipping costs are incurred by the customer as The Price Dynamic will not pay to ship the exchange item.

The Price Dynamic Appearance & Support Policy  


To appear in court, The Price Dynamic reserves the right to charge for staff time and preparation. We offer 1 observation report to each client at no charge; therefore, appearing in court to further communicate or represent the observation report there is an additional charge of $100.00. This fee is for each appearance and should be paid prior to the date of appearance.

The Price Dynamic also requires at least 7 days’ notice of request to appear in court. We reserve the right to require this time to prepare for the appearance, to speak with legal counsel and to reach out to the appropriate staff persons needed. 

Observation Report  

Each client is given 1 observation report as a courtesy, this can be requested by your attorney or support advocate by email at If you do not have anyone helping you, you can request the report however you should be mindful to request it close to your court date or trail date. Should you request any additional observation reports there is a $10 fee for each report.

We require 7 business to get that report to you electronically. 

Letter of Support

Should you request a letter from The Price Dynamic leadership stating anything other than what is already notated in the Observation Report, a letter will be granted at the discretion of leadership. If a letter is granted there is a $10 fee. This must be paid prior to receipt of the letter. A request must be sent to