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Co-Parent Education & Engagement

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Real Support for Real Families experiencing Real Life situations created by a Real Co-Parent!

An innovative approach to supporting thousands of parents in building cooperative and healthy co-parenting relationships.

No more zoom classes…take at your own pace 

In Minnesota, for parents engaged in disputed custody or parenting time cases, irrespective of their marital or relationship status, it is mandatory to participate in a parenting class. To fulfill this requirement, The Price Dynamic, CoPE classes are recognized statewide as an acceptable option for completing the parenting education mandate.


100% Online

A completely online parenting education experience (not a zoom course) engage wherever and whenever you feel comfortable.


No Judgment

Foster true understanding about your role as a parent without feeling judged or accused by anyone. 


Instant Certificate

Upon completion, download, print, or email your certificate of completion. Be

Prepared for your next court appearance.

*Computer or mobile device compatible

*For all learning styles 

Take on Any Device

Our classes are optimized to fit all screen sizes. Use your computer, smartphone or tablet! 

Culturally Aware Video Content

Watch videos that enlighten understanding of cultural trauma, stress and the impacts its has on you and your child. 

Guided Support Questions

After each section there are questions that help to guide your learning experience and to ensure your comprehension. 

Who is taking CoPE (Co-Parent Education & Engagement) I & II ?

CoPE classes are for everyone although there is a focus on Black & Brown families, while promoting cultural pride through representation, resilience, and advocating for equal opportunities to receive parenting support. Through parent education TPD strives to foster strong, thriving Black & Brown families, where children can flourish, cycles can be broken and a legacy of parental respect and connectedness can be passed on. 

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Class for custodial or non-custodial parents, offered online exclusively 

Learning time: 6-8 hours 

CoPE Intensive

Class for custodial parents, offered in-person or virtually designed to build community and support custodial parents on a deeper level.  

Learning time: 12 hours over 6 weeks 


How do I know which course to take?

Review your court order, the name of the course will be listed there.

Can I enroll in a course without a court order?

Yes! We welcome parents who are looking to learn new skills, build community and making proactive decisions to progress their family stability. 

If I am not a Black or Brown family can I take this class?

Yes! The content is parent centered not race or ethnicity centered. We are intentional about the Black & Brown family experience and inequities therefore we have developed classes where everyone will feel a sense of belonging.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid for classes?

In some cases parent fees may be waived if they are referred by a partner organization. In this case you will receive a waiver code. All other parents must pay the fee in full to participate in the class. We do have payment systems that allow payment arrangements if needed. 

Unique Benefits

Quotes from Real Class Participants

“How to consider what my co-parent is feeling and how we all heal at different paces.”

CoPE Intensive participant

“I have better language for explaining what our feelings are experiencing when I talk to my children.” 

“CoPE kept my attention, I felt like the information was actually relevant to me.” 

“I learned new information about adverse childhood experiences, and how my childhood has played apart in my current family dynamic.” 

“I love having my guide to refer back to and knowing my co-parent is learning the same information I am.” 

“As a Black man this was the first experience in the court process that felt like it was about me and not against me.” 

“The in-person class for custodial mothers was exactly what I needed. I have expanded my support system after meeting these ladies.”

CoPE Intensive participant

“Admittedly I didn’t want to take the class because I was court ordered but once I logged in I forgot all about that…Good job TPD.” 

“After my client completed the class with TPD and attended visitation there he had a better outlook on the approaching trial.”

Client Testimonials

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